If you are a contractor selling in the commercial interiors market, offering your customers a lease finance option as an alternative to paying upfront could help you sell more, unlock existing projects and protect your margins. Our finance solutions also make it easier for you to lock out the competition, and get paid quicker with no risk of bad debt.

Leasing is an increasingly popular funding option for businesses moving or refurbishing their office. It is widely recognised that suppliers and contractors who introduce a leasing option alongside total project value can achieve significantly better sales that those that don’t, typically 10%-20% higher.

An introduction to offering leasing for your customers

Why offer a lease finance option?

  • Sell More by spreading the cost, your project can become more affordable to you customers
  • Unlock projects no upfront capital outlay can overcome budget restrictions and revive difficult projects
  • Protect your profit margin you’re less likely to be asked for a discounted price
  • Upgrade the project showing the cost as monthly rental payments can widen the scope of a project and allow for additional features to be included
  • Quick decisions securing a lease agreement is quicker than arranging bank facilities, so your orders are processed more promptly
  • Swift payment and no bad debt You get paid fully upon completion and there’s no risk of bad debt
  • Future marketing opportunities Plus Finance will notify you 6 months before the end of your customer’s lease so you can contact them with a view to discussing further opportunities
  • Competitive edge having an alternative finance option could just win you the project!
  • It’s easy and saves you time We do all the paperwork
  • Happy clients! Introducing a funding option that has wider beneficial implications for your clients business means they get the project they really want

For further information please download our free fact sheet below or call us on 01494 783 773

 Offering Leasing on your interior projetcs

How does offering a lease option benefit my customers?

  • Maximise cash flow
  • Spread the cost with monthly or quarterly payments, over 2,3,4,5 or in some cases even 7 years
  • Fixed payments for accurate budgeting and effective forecasting
  • Payments are 100% tax allowable
  • Existing bank credit lines unaffected
  • And many more, contact us for further details

For further information please download our free fact sheet belowor call us on 01494 783 773

 Customer benefits of leasing a furniture and fitout project


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