Plus Finance becomes an EOT and is now part-owned by its employees

Georgia PullenNews

The founders of Plus Finance, Nicki Matthews and Steve Pullen established the company in 2001 to support the fit-out market with an ethical approach to financing, based on relationships and trust.

As of 19th January 2024, Nicki and Steve have transferred the majority of their shares in Plus Finance Ltd to Plus Finance EOT Ltd to hold the shares on behalf of the employees.

After 22 years of running Plus Finance, Steve and Nicki have been reviewing their options for exiting the business and feel employee ownership is by far the best option, so as to maintain the ethos, passion, expertise and core values that have made the company market the leaders they are today.

Director Nicki Matthews said:
“We have worked hard to build client relationships based on trust over the past 22 years and Steve and I are delighted that the business will continue operating under the same ethos, by the team we have built over the years. We will continue to support the team and our clients over the coming years as we exit the business and know that the service and integrity our clients expect will continue.”

Research shows that employee ownership has the potential to drive even better business performance, employee engagement, innovation and efficiency.

On a day-to-day basis, nothing will change for the short to medium term.  Nicki and Steve will remain directors of Plus Finance Ltd and continue to run the business alongside their Operations Director Neil Kirby.

They plan to stay involved in the business for at least the next 5 years to ensure continuity and to develop leaders for the future.

Director Steve Pullen said of the buy-out:
“We are hugely excited about this next stage in our corporate journey and look forward to our continued business relationships with all our clients and partners”

Built on an ethical value set, Plus Finance has integrity at its core and seeks to differentiate itself by its open and honest approach to financing based on long term relationships. James de le Vingne, Chief Executive of the Employee Ownership Association (EOA) said:
“We congratulate Plus Finance Limited on its evolution to employee ownership, which will safeguard the company’s culture and values. Businesses that give employees a larger say create a common purpose, which leaves them in a better position to adapt and evolve to deliver great business impacts.”