Two Little Ducks – 22

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As you may know, in Bingo Lingo

Two Little Ducks = 22

If you have known us for a while, then you may (or may not) remember us talking about Two Little ducks back in 2008.

Back then, rates were very similar to where they are now, and 22 was and is, a very relevant number when thinking about finance and leasing.

Now of course, it has double the significance as we are celebrating our 22nd birthday.

We’re hoping that the nickname -Two little ducks, will help you remember the number 22 because it is the monthly rate per £1000 you need to remember to be able work out a rough leasing cost.

So if you are looking to invest in any assets over the coming months and would like to know roughly how much it would cost if you spread it over 5 years, there is a very simple calculation to remember.

Simply divide the cost of the project by 1000 and multiply by ‘Two Little Ducks – 22” and that’s your monthly price over 5 years

For Example

50,000 divided by 1000 = 50 x 22 = £1100.00 + VAT per month

For a specific quote and terms or for rates over 2, 3 or 4 years, please contact us direct.

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