Plus Finance arranges a £1.7m office fitout and furniture lease

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Canary Wharf

As a specialist leasing company Plus Finance works with a wide range of clients, from SME’s to PLC’s, offering finance packages of all sizes to businesses moving or refurbishing their office.

We recently completed a £1.7m lease arrangement for an expanding and successful company relocating its office to a prestigious London location. The project covered fitout and furniture, and Plus Finance worked closely with the client to ensure that the payment schedule dovetailed exactly with the installation requirements of the work.

Leasing provides a smart alternative to more traditional funding sources such as bank loans, and because payments are 100% tax allowable, it is the only way a project can be fully offset against taxable profit. Other benefits are that working capital is not tied up and payments are fixed for the duration of the lease. Our minimum lease amount is £1,000 and there’s no maximum limit, so we can help you grow your business however big or small your project.

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