Are you offering a lease finance option on your office fitout projects?

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If you’re a contractor selling in the commercial interiors market, offering a lease finance option in your quotations might just give you the competitive edge. Leasing is the best kept secret in the furniture and fitout industry and has become an increasingly popular method of finance for businesses moving or refurbishing their office, so you could be missing a trick if you don’t include it.

Businesses of all types and sizes lease a huge variety of business assets – from machinery to company vehicles, telecommunications to IT equipment. So why not office furniture and fitout?

There are some compelling advantages to leasing an office fitout, here are just two of them. Firstly, Cash is King! Companies lease to conserve their capital and instead of an initial large outlay on the office relocation project, they can alternatively invest their cash directly into revenue generating activities.

Secondly, if your client leases their furniture and fitout, the repayments are 100% allowable against taxable profit. It’s the only method of finance offering these tax savings, and for high tax organisations this can be a significant factor.

Speaking to Plus Finance will enable you to offer your customers a specialist lease finance solution to help them purchase from you. Simply tell us in confidence the project size and the client’s name and we’ll give you a lease proposal so you can include this with your quotation.

Call us for more information and find out why it’s always worth including a lease finance option alongside the cost of outright purchase.

In the challenging current economic climate, give yourself the competitive edge!