Coming soon! Video explaining the benefits of leasing office furniture and fitout!

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Nicki Matthews - Director at Plus Finance

We had a very exciting day at Plus Finance on Tuesday as the film crew came to shoot some new footage of us all at work. One of our challenges is to raise awareness that businesses can lease their office furniture and fitout. Many don’t think twice about leasing other items such as company cars or IT, but the same benefits also apply to furniture and fitout.

So we decided to add video content to our website. This will enable us to explain clearly and directly the reasons why businesses should include lease finance (alongside cash and bank facilities) as a funding option for office relocation and refurbishment projects.

The videos will show Nicki Matthews, Director at Plus Finance, explaining the benefits to business of leasing. These include the fact that, for a profitable organisation, lease payments are 100% tax allowable, and that unlike any other method of finance such as bank loans, lease payments are fixed so no unexpected surprises down the line.

For anyone attending the industry award ceremony Mixology14 in June (, you will also get a sneak preview of the amazing showreel that we are producing, this highlights the benefits of leasing in an effective and fun way!

Keep an eye on our website as we’ll be loading our videos in the next few weeks.

If you are planning an office move or refurbishment project, either for yourself or for your customers, and would like a quote to see how leasing compares, just call us on 01494 783 773 or email us at [email protected].